The Closest Eco Lodge to the Corcovado National Park

Costa Rica Ecolodge

La Leona Eco Lodge has a unique location by been next to Corcovado National Park in La Leona Ranger Station, it is also in the rainforest and stretches along the beach of the Pacific Ocean with spectacular panoramic views.This combination might have inspired our guests expressing:´…like being in paradise´.

La Leona Eco Lodge is a great place for nature lovers, for people seeking ecotourism in Costa Rica in pristine rainforests with fascinating wildlife.    At La Leona Eco Lodge we live the philosophy of maintaining this unique place by applying sustainable practices, by reducing environmental impacts, considering social responsibilities, and conserving local cultural values. All activities and facilities are designed for considering the environment and for offering amazing comfort to our guests.

The Costa Rican Morales Polanco family welcomes you at La Leona Eco Lodge for discovering a fascinating nature, for being in close touch with local culture or, in a word, for having a Costa Rica ecotourism dream vacation. The tropical background of the Corcovado area makes the difference, makes your experience so breathtaking!

Our tent-cabins at La Leona Eco Lodge are desing to provide you scenic views over this beautiful place, our guests can enjoy a fresh breeze from the ocean, watch spectacular sunsets or feel the magic of the tropical rainforest with its sounds and aromas. The hotel is surrounded by pure nature, tranquility, and the magic of spectacular sunsets. You can feel a real ecotourism experience.

At La Leona Eco Lodge we offer some of the most interesting tours offered in the Corcovado area:

At La Leona Eco Lodge Costa Rica we protect 500 Acres of primary rain forest which we conserve as a family patrimony for our future generations. You can enjoy hikes in the private rainforest as well as in Corcovado National Park which is one of the most important national parks in Costa Rica. National Geographic once described it as ´one of the most biologically intense places in the world´.

Come to the area of Corcovado in Costa Rica for unique ecotourism experiences, watching wildlife and admiring amazing forests with giant trees. If you also want to enjoy comfort, service quality and family atmosphere come to visit La Leona Eco Lodge in Costa Rica. The best  Eco Lodge in Osa Peninsula and the closest lodge to Corcovado National Park in Carate beach.


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