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Spending holidays in Costa Rica means unique experiences in great nature! People come to this beautiful country for getting in real touch with exotic wildlife and an amazing tropical fauna. How can you discover this fascinating nature better than by a guided tour?

At La Leona Eco Lodge we have developed various Costa Rica eco-tours and activities for offering unforgettable nature and also cultural experiences to our guests. You have the chance of admiring the diversity of flora and fauna in their natural habitats like a huge variety of birds, monkeys, tapirs, coatimundis and with luck you can even spot the king of the rainforest, the puma! Come to La Leona Eco Lodge and you have the possibility of visiting the nearby Corcovado National Park.



At La Leona Eco Lodge we offer the following tours:

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The tours and activities we offer at La Leona Eco Lodge Costa Rica are developed in different levels according to the interests and physical conditions of our guests. All guests have the possibility of experiencing intensively the fascinating nature of the Corcovado area. Come to La Leona Eco Lodge for watching abundant wildlife in natural habitats, for breathing the freshest air and having unforgettable experiences in the rainforest.

With pleasure we organize private guided tours for our guests. Please contact us for details.

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