Morning Birding Hike

A paradise for birds and birdwatchers

This Tour starts at 5:30am. The experience will reward early risers with an amazing sunrise over the pacific ocean to prepare them for the full morning of bird watching ahead.

In this tour you will start spotting your first speccies since the start, but ones you reach the forest you will realize you are being witness of a paradise for birds and birdwatchers: seedeater, tanagers, doves, hawks, macaws, warblers, hummingbirds, flycatchers, and several other species of birds.
As we continue to hike we can spot wrens, woodpeckers and wood creepers, kingfishers, egrets and trogons.

We might even have the opportunity to watch the Central American Squirrel Monkey up in the trees; a subspecies which can only be found in the southern part of Costa Rica.

Level: Easy
Time: 2 hours
Included: Bilingual Guide

Price: $40 usd

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