Night Tour

Experience the rainforest at night.


An experience like no other. The intriguing nocturnal sounds and spectacular aromas will transport you into another world. For many plants and animals the day is just beginning.

The tour starts at 6:00pm. During this hike we watch out for various nocturnal animal species such as the Tapirus Bairdii, our biggest terrestrial mammal and the only native odd-toed ungulates in the Neotropics. You could also encounter different types of reptiles such as interesting snakes and tree frogs just to name a couple.

Walking the rainforest of Osa Peninsula at night is an amazing experience you cannot miss out on during your visit at Leona Eco Lodge.

Level: easy
Time: 1 hour (min. 2 persons)
Included: Naturalist bilingual guide
Price: $25 usd / Per Person