Turtle watching (seasonal)

Enjoy ecotourisms in Costa Rica


The Osa Peninsula is one of the most important places for the nesting of sea turtles in the world. On the beaches by La Leona Eco Lodge you can watch seven different species of sea turtles.

This tour intends to educate, promote and inform our guests about the importance of protecting sea turtles and their role within the ecosystem. During this tour you will learn about the biology of sea turtles, their evolution, morphology, egg deposition, migration, reproduction, and conservation. You could also have the opportunity to witness the amazing natural spectacle of sea turtles laying their eggs.

All sea turtles are endangered species. Our responsibility is supporting their survival by educating local communities and tourists. Moreover we want to assist the existing protection and conservation programmes for turtles on the Osa Peninsula. We also want to share the fantastic experience with you admiring these ancient and fascinating reptiles.

Level: easy
Time: 2 hours (min. 2 persons)
Included: bilingual guide