The idea of ecotourism is minimizing environmental impacts; it is also a model of improving local economies and preserving cultural traditions; all aspects can be comprised by the term ‘sustainability’. Costa Rica is world famous for this ecotourism tradition and its corresponding well developed infrastructure. Since several years now Costa Rica is following the new and successful concept of sustainable tourism and has developed the Certification for Sustainability in Tourism (CST) by the Costa Rica Chamber of Tourism (ICT). Hotels and lately tour operators can obtain this certification for demonstrating a difference.


Ecotourism facilities are designed to include existing natural attractions without altering them too much. Costa Rica is the perfect example! In this beautiful country you can experience a very close contact to nature, can count on the widest variety of flora and fauna and the incredible marine biodiversity of the two oceans surrounding Costa Rica – the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


The natural essence particularly of this area is the great nature of Corcovado; Ecotourism here gives you the chance of getting in touch with real life, environment, culture and society. The famous Corcovado National Park is one of the most important and pristine national parks in Costa Rica. National Geographic once described Corcovado as ‘one of the most biologically intense places on earth’.


At La Leona Eco Lodge you can experience a very special form of ecotourism. The hotel is surrounded by pristine nature. All activities at La Leona Eco Lodge in Corcovado consider the environment; we are involved in conservation, recycling and the preservation of our natural resources. We from the Morales Polanco family share our privately protected rain forest with our guests for providing a nature paradise at La Leona Eco Lodge